Computational Science and Engineering

Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) faculty develop advanced computational models and software with applications to furthering the understanding of real-world phenomena. CSE is highly interdisciplinary and involves various computing and mathematical modeling technology, often in collaboration with researchers engineering, science or social science. CSE research typically involves one or more subfields in numerical and discrete algorithms, modeling and simulation, virtualization, data mining and high performance computing. Examples of current research topics include computational algorithms and software for discrete stochastic simulation, solution of partial differential equations, graph analysis via linear algebra techniques, computational medicine and biology, health informatics, web data analytics and retrieval.

Affilated Labs: 
Combinatorial Scientific Computing Lab, Computational Science and Engineering Lab, Computational Applied Science Lab


The research of Professor Gibou is focused on the design and on the applications of high resolution computational methods for a variety of applications including Free Boundary Problems, CFD, Multiphase Flows, Electrostatics, Materials Science, Computer Vision and Computer Graphics.

Prof. Gilbert’s principal research contributions have been in algorithms and software for combinatorial and numerical problems. He has done fundamental work in sparse matrix techniques; he was a primary architect and developer of Matlab’s sparse matrix capability and of the SuperLU solver library

My research is focused on modeling, analysis, simulation and software, applied to multiscale, networked systems in biology, materials and social networks.   My research group has been developing advanced algorithms for discrete stochastic simulation of systems where the fate of a few key molecules can make a big difference to important outcomes. 

The primary goal of my lab is to develop fundamental concepts and new principles of data mining, design intelligent algorithms and build scalable systems. 

His recent research is in the fields  of web data mining and search, and cloud systems. His past research includes search engines, scalable web services and middleware, scheduling and runtime support for parallel irregular computation, and parallel sparse matrix algorithms.