Name Title Phone Email Office Website
Divyakant Agrawal Distinguished Professor (805) 893-4385 agrawal@cs.ucsb.edu 3117 Harold Frank Hall
Kevin C. Almeroth Professor Emeritus almeroth@cs.ucsb.edu
Prabhanjan Ananth Assistant Professor prabhanjan@ucsb.edu
Jonathan Balkind Assistant Professor jbalkind@ucsb.edu
Elizabeth M. Belding Professor (805) 893-3411 ebelding@cs.ucsb.edu 5107 Harold Frank Hall
Michael Beyeler Assistant Professor 805-893-4321 mbeyeler@ucsb.edu
Tevfik Bultan Professor & Chair (805) 893-3735 bultan@cs.ucsb.edu 2123 Harold Frank Hall
Peter Cappello Professor Emeritus cappello@cs.ucsb.edu 2157 Harold Frank Hall
Shumo Chu Assistant Professor shumo@ucsb.edu
Phillip Conrad Teaching Professor pconrad@engineering.ucsb.edu 1113 Harold Frank Hall
Wim van Dam Professor vandam@cs.ucsb.edu 2151 Harold Frank Hall
Yufei Ding Assistant Professor (757) 634-1478. yufeiding@cs.ucsb.edu 1123 Harold Frank Hall
Ömer Eğecioğlu Professor (805) 893-3529 omer@cs.ucsb.edu 2115 Harold Frank Hall
Amr El Abbadi Distinguished Professor (805) 893-4239 amr@cs.ucsb.edu 3115 Harold Frank Hall
Yu Feng Assistant Professor yufeng@cs.ucsb.edu HFH-2157
Frederic G. Gibou Professor (805) 893-7152 fgibou@engineering.ucsb.edu 2335 Engineering II
John Gilbert Professor & Vice Chair (805) 448-6438 gilbert@cs.ucsb.edu 5109 Harold Frank Hall
Teofilo F. Gonzalez Professor Emeritus (805) 893-3849 teo@cs.ucsb.edu 2119 Harold Frank Hall
Arpit Gupta Assistant Professor arpitgupta@cs.ucsb.edu 1117 Harold Frank Hall
Trinabh Gupta Assistant Professor trinabh@cs.ucsb.edu 1121 Harold Frank Hall
Ben Hardekopf Professor & Vice Chair benh@cs.ucsb.edu 1109 Harold Frank Hall
Tobias Höllerer Professor (805) 284-9395 holl@cs.ucsb.edu 2155 Harold Frank Hall
Oscar H. Ibarra Distinguished Professor Emeritus ibarra@cs.ucsb.edu
Richard A. Kemmerer Distinguished Professor Emeritus (805) 893-4232 kemm@cs.ucsb.edu 2165 Harold Frank Hall
Yekaterina (Kate) Kharitonova Assistant Teaching Professor ykk@cs.ucsb.edu 1153 Harold Frank Hall
Chandra Krintz Professor & Vice Chair ckrintz@ucsb.edu 2153 Harold Frank Hall
Christopher Kruegel Professor chris@cs.ucsb.edu 2117 Harold Frank Hall
Daniel Lokshtanov Associate Professor daniello@ucsb.edu 2109 Harold Frank Hall
Ziad Matni Lecturer (805) 893-4882 zmatni@cs.ucsb.edu 4409 Social Sciences & Media Studies
Diba Mirza Associate Teaching Professor dimirza@cs.ucsb.edu 1155 Harold Frank Hall
Linda Petzold Distinguished Professor (805) 893-5362 petzold@cs.ucsb.edu 3106 BioEngineering
Timothy Sherwood Professor sherwood@cs.ucsb.edu 5163 Harold Frank Hall
Ambuj K. Singh Professor (805) 893-3236 ambuj@cs.ucsb.edu 3119 Harold Frank Hall
Terrence Smith Professor Emeritus smithtr@cs.ucsb.edu
Misha Sra Assistant Professor sra@cs.ucsb.edu 2151 Harold Frank Hall
Jianwen Su Professor (805) 893-3698 su@cs.ucsb.edu 2161 Harold Frank Hall
Subhash Suri Distinguished Professor (805) 893-8856 suri@cs.ucsb.edu 2111 Harold Frank Hall
Matthew Turk Professor Emeritus mturk@cs.ucsb.edu
Giovanni Vigna Professor vigna@cs.ucsb.edu 2159 Harold Frank Hall
William Wang Assistant Professor william@cs.ucsb.edu 1115 Harold Frank Hall
Yu-Xiang Wang Assistant Professor yuxiangw@cs.ucsb.edu
Richert Wang Assistant Teaching Professor richert@cs.ucsb.edu 1151 Harold Frank Hall
Yuan-Fang Wang Professor (805) 893-3866 yfwang@cs.ucsb.edu 3113 Harold Frank Hall
Rich Wolski Professor rich@cs.ucsb.edu 5165 Harold Frank Hall
Zoe Wood Teaching Professor zjwood@cs.ucsb.edu
Lingqi Yan Assistant Professor lingqi@cs.ucsb.edu Adding Soon...
Xifeng Yan Professor (805) 699-6018 xyan@cs.ucsb.edu 1111 Harold Frank Hall
Tao Yang Professor tyang@cs.ucsb.edu 5113 Harold Frank Hall

Affiliated Faculty

Name Affiliation Phone Email Office
B.S. Manjunath Electrical & Computer Engineering (805) 893-7112 manj@ece.ucsb.edu 3157 Engineering I
Ben Y. Zhao University of Chicago ravenben@cs.ucsb.edu
Diana Franklin University of Chicago franklin@cs.ucsb.edu
Francesco Bullo Mechanical Engineering (805) 893- 5169 bullo@engineering.ucsb.edu 2325 Engineering II
Fred Chong University of Chicago chong@cs.ucsb.edu
Heather Zheng University of Chicago htzheng@cs.ucsb.edu
Huijia (Rachel) Lin Adjunct Professor rachel@cs.washington.edu
Jennifer Jacobs Media Arts and Technology 805-893-3105 jmjacobs@ucsb.edu 2215 Elings Hall
K. T. Tim Cheng (Emeritus) Electrical and Computer Engineering (805) 893-7294 timcheng@ece.ucsb.edu 4109 Harold Frank Hall
P. Michael Melliar-Smith (Emeritus) Electrical & Computer Engineering (805) 893-8438 pmms@ece.ucsb.edu 5161 Engineering I
Pradeep Sen Electrical & Computer Engineering (805) 893-4265 psen@ece.ucsb.edu 5117 Harold Frank Hall
Shiv Chandrasekaran Electrical & Computer Engineering shiv@ece.ucsb.edu 3109 Harold Frank Hall
Stefano Tessaro Adjunct Professor tessaro@cs.washington.edu
Yasamin Mostofi Electrical and Computer Engineering ymostofi@ece.ucsb.edu Harold Frank Hall 5121
Yuan Xie Electrical and Computer Engineering (805) 893-5563 yuanxie@ece.ucsb.edu 5159 Harold Frank Hall
Zheng Zhang Electrical & Computer Engineering (805) 893-7294 zhengzhang@ece.ucsb.edu 4109 Harold Frank Hall