CS Special Topics Numbering System

CS special topics courses have the following numbering system:

A: Foundations
B: Software Systems
D: Information Management
I: Intelligent and Interactive Systems
J: General
N: General

A: Applications, General
D: Database and Information Systems 
G: Security and Cryptography 
H: Computational Science and Engineering 
I: Visual Computing and Interaction
K: Machine Learning and Data Mining    

A: Algorithms
C: Programming Languages and Software Eng.
F: Foundations, General
G: Security and Cryptography
H: Computational Science and Engineering 

B: Operating Systems and Distributed Systems
C: Programming Languages and Software Engineering
D: Database and Information Systems
E: Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems
G: Security and Cryptography
K: Machine Learning and Data Mining        
N: Networking
S: Systems, General

Special Topics and Seminars Block
Course Name Quarter Instructor Course Area Enrollment Code Units
CMPSC 291A Mixed and Augmented Reality Winter 2022 Tobias Höllerer Applications 08888 4
CMPSC 190A Algorithmic Decision Making Winter 2022 Subhash Suri Foundations 57026 4
CMPSC 190I Introduction to Natural Language Processing Winter 2022 William Wang Intelligent and Interactive Systems 57042 4
CMPSC 291A Adversarial Machine Learning Winter 2022 Shiyu Chang Applications 63727 4
CMPSC 291A Real-Time High Quality Rendering Winter 2022 Lingqi Yan Applications 08896 4
CMPSC 292G Topics in Quantum Cryptography Winter 2022 Prabhanjan Ananth Foundations 57158 4
CMPSC 293C Software Fuzzing for Correctness and Security Winter 2022 Ben Hardekopf Systems 57166 4
CMPSC 291A Bionic Vision Fall 2021 Michael Beyeler Applications 57190 4
CMPSC 291A Intro to Differential Privacy: Theory, Algorithms and Applications Fall 2021 Yu-Xiang Wang Applications 62489 4
CMPSC 291A Scalable Internet Services Fall 2021 Bryce Boe Applications 57182 4
CMPSC 291K Deep Learning for Machine Translation Fall 2021 Lei Li Applications 57208 4
CMPSC 292A MCMC Algorithms Fall 2021 Eric Vigoda Foundations 57224 4
CMPSC 292G Quantitative Information Flow Fall 2021 Tevfik Bultan Foundations 8748 4
CMPSC 293S Information Retrieval and Web Search Fall 2021 Tao Yang Systems 8755 4
CMPSC 190I Program Synthesis for the Masses Spring 2021 Yu Feng 63925 4
CMPSC 291A Future User Interfaces Spring 2021 Misha Sra Applications 8177 4
CMPSC 291A Real-Time High Quality Rendering Spring 2021 Lingqi Yan Applications 8185 4
CMPSC 291I Computational Fabrication Spring 2021 Jennifer Jacobs 4
CMPSC 292A Algorithmic Graph Theory Spring 2021 Daniel Lokshtanov Foundations 62653 4
CMPSC 292F Data Integration Techniques Spring 2021 Jianwen Su Foundations 4