CS Special Topics Numbering System

CS special topics courses have the following numbering system:

A: Foundations
B: Software Systems
D: Information Management
I: Intelligent and Interactive Systems
J: General
N: General

A: Applications, General
D: Database and Information Systems 
G: Security and Cryptography 
H: Computational Science and Engineering 
I: Visual Computing and Interaction
K: Machine Learning and Data Mining    

A: Algorithms
C: Programming Languages and Software Eng.
F: Foundations, General
G: Security and Cryptography
H: Computational Science and Engineering 

B: Operating Systems and Distributed Systems
C: Programming Languages and Software Engineering
D: Database and Information Systems
E: Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems
G: Security and Cryptography
K: Machine Learning and Data Mining        
N: Networking
S: Systems, General

A list of past Special Topics courses offered is available at this link

Special Topics and Seminars Block
Course Name Quarter Instructor Course Area Enrollment Code Units
CMPSC 190A Randomized Algorithms Spring 2023 Eric Vigoda Foundations 52027 4
CMPSC 190D Introduction to Allolib Spring 2023 Phill Conrad Information Management 70342 4
CMPSC 190I Introduction to Natural Language Processing Spring 2023 William Wang Intelligent and Interactive Systems 07898 4
CMPSC 190I Introduction to Virtual Reality Spring 2023 Misha Sra Intelligent and Interactive Systems 51987 4
CMPSC 291A Computational Fabrication Spring 2023 Jennifer Jacobs Applications 61721 4
CMPSC 291I Spring 2023 Tobias Höllerer Applications 56838 4
CMPSC 292G Quantum Computing Spring 2023 Prabhanjan Ananth Foundations 52084 4
CMPSC 293C Plumbing for CS: Virtual Machines, Binary Translators, Linkers, and Other Strange Animals Spring 2023 Markus Mock Systems 58982 4
CMPSC 293G Security and Cryptography Spring 2023 Trinabh Gupta Systems 08052 4
CMPSC 293S Topics on Quantum Computing System Spring 2023 Yufei Ding Systems 52092 4
CMPSC 190A Algorithms Engineering Winter 2023 Daniel Lokshtanov Foundations 61754 4
CMPSC 190B IoT Systems Winter 2023 Chandra Krintz Systems 56051 4
CMPSC 190I Deep Learning Winter 2023 Lei Li Applications 08516 4
CMPSC 291A Adversarial Machine Learning Winter 2023 Shiyu Chang Applications 61796 4
CMPSC 291A Special Topics in Deep Learning Winter 2023 Xifeng Yan Applications 61838 4
CMPSC 291I Haptics: Touch Perception, Interaction, and Engineering Winter 2023 Yon Visell Applications 81398 4
CMPSC 292F Machine Learning on Graphs Winter 2023 Ambuj Singh Foundations 61820 4
CMPSC 292F Real-Time High Quality Rendering Winter 2023 Lingqi Yan Foundations 61812 4
CMPSC 291A Future User Interfaces Fall 2022 Misha Sra Applications 08615 4
CMPSC 291A Scalable Internet Services Fall 2022 Nevena Golubovic Applications 08607 4