Spring Undergrad Research Showcase flyer

Please drop by the CS Spring Undergraduate Research Showcase this Friday, June 3rd, for a two part event.


Part 1 (Virtual): Distinction in the Major Research Talks 

Time: 12-12:45 PM

Location: Zoom. See Events Calendar for link.

Students Talks:

Stuart Wayland, " Quantifying Gerrymandering with Simulated Annealing: A study of Texas"

Advisor: Eric Vigoda

Bernie Conrad, "EnaBLEing Smarter Testing: creating a new harness and analyzing BLE security"

Advisor: Giovanni Vigna 
Edwin Zhang, "Offline Reinforcement Learning with Closed-Form Policy Improvement Operators"

Advisor: William Wang

Ari Polakof, "Time Series Forecasting on Real World Datasets"

Advisor: Xifeng Yan


Part 2 (In-person): ERSP and DIMAP Student Poster Presentations

Time: 1PM - 3PM

Location: ESB 1001 patio area

Everyone is welcome to any part of the event!

About DIMAP:

Undergraduates admitted to DIMAP are typically seniors in excellent academic standing committed to two-quarters of research. Students who complete the program will receive a distinction (which appears on their transcript). The department will recognize the students and their mentors at the end-of-year department awards ceremony. For more information, visit: https://cs.ucsb.edu/education/undergraduate/special-programs

About ERSP:

ERSP is a year-long research apprenticeship program designed to support students' first research experience. The program seeks to give students, particularly those who are traditionally underrepresented in computing, the foundational knowledge, and skills for engaging in research in the discipline. Students work in a team (of typically four peers) with a faculty on a project related to computing that ties into the faculty's research area. For more information, visit: https://ersp.cs.ucsb.edu/