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Graduate Program Assistant Amanda Hoagland received the Citation of
Excellence Award and Computer Systems Manager Richard Kip was honored as
an excellent employee by the UCSB Staff Assembly this year. The purpose
of these awards is to acknowledge and celebrate outstanding achievements
and meritorious service of career staff.

The excellent job performances of Amanda Hoagland and Richard Kip are best
explained by the following quotes from the nomination letters written by
the faculty.

The award nomination letter for Amanda Hoagland states:
“Amanda Hoagland is a truly amazing employee who goes above and beyond the
call of duty. She clearly has a passion for the job she does and cares
about the students with whom she works. Amanda first started working in
Computer Science almost seven years ago. In that time she has gone from
being an assistant to being the person who can answer questions
about the graduate program. She has demonstrated extraordinary growth,
taking on and being successful at a number of new job responsibilities,
and she has achieved these accomplishments with a down-to-earth attitude
and pleasant personality only common among the University’s best staff

The award nomination letter for Richard Kip states:
“While the Computer Science department enjoys the efforts of many
energetic and skilled staff members, Richard Kip has had an impact on our
department that far exceeds any reasonable expectation. He has become the
primary driving force behind our instructional and research computing
infrastructures, he has built a wonderfully talented and diligent staff,
and he is always a pleasure to work with. It is his ability to maintain
the highest level of technical and managerial performance while meeting
the new challenges which inevitably accompany expanding department
growth, that make Richard a truly exceptional employee.”