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The CS 172/189A and 189B courses will be restructured this year.
Students enrolled in these courses form teams and develop significant software
projects. The outcome of the first course (172/189A) is a prototype for the
project, and the second course (189B) ends with a presentation day in which
the completed projects are demonstrated publicly. This year, we will establish
partnerships between student project teams and companies which will
provide challenge problems to the students based on the challenges they face
in their industry. Following companies positively responded to our request to
provide challenge problems:

Citrix Online
Green Hills Software

This is an excellent opportunity to do something interesting and “real” that
showcases your abilities. Prospective employers truly value the ability to
understand, explore, and present innovative solutions to real-world problems
and this course provides the means for you to develop these skills while
working with top-notch and innovative companies. Indeed, students who
took CS189 last year said that the projects they pursued were almost
always the most important topic of discussion during their interviews.

To find out more about the format for these courses and to meet with the
representatives from participating companies please come to the class

December 4th from 5:30-7:30pm
Engineering Science Building (ESB) 1001

It will be an opportunity to hear from the companies about the problems most
important to them and how they can be investigated as part of your course

Come to the mixer on December 4th and find out how to get a jump on your
career planning and get course credit at the same time.