George Tzimpragos, Timothy Sherwood, and Dmitri Strukov

Article by George Tzimpragos, Timothy Sherwood, and Dmitri Strukov Given Communications of ACM Research Highlight Award 

By Caroline Mecartea, Communications & Special Events 

An article titled  In-sensor classification with boosted race trees, written by George TzimpragosProfessor Timothy SherwoodProfessor Dmitri Strukovand others, was featured as a Communications of the ACM Research Highlight for June. Only two papers out of all computer architecture publications are selected each year for this award. In this paper, the researchers spark a new conversation about the natural relationship between modern decision tree algorithms and new advances in race logic, demonstrate extremely energy-efficient classification, and generate excitement around broader in-sensor processing applications.

Yale Professor A. Bhattacharjee provides a technical perspective on the article, which can be read here. For a full list of all of the articles found in the June 2021 Journal, please visit the CACM website.