Fall 2021
Course Type
Special Topics Course
Course Area
Enrollment Code
Phelps 3526
Day and Time
T/R 9 - 10:50 am
Course Description

What would the world look like with a bionic eye? This graduate course will introduce students to the multidisciplinary field of bionic vision, with an emphasis on both the computer science and neuroscience of the field. The course will give an overview of current bionic eye technology designed to restore vision to people living with incurable blindness. Students will be exposed to the neuroscience of the human visual system, key engineering concepts for designing a brain-computer interface, and computational principles underlying the encoding of a visual scene into an artificial stimulus that the brain can interpret. We will cover recent advances in theory and applications, and discuss outstanding challenges with existing devices. The course will conclude with a team project giving students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience of working on open problems using methods and tools best suited to their scientific background.

The course is targeted to a diverse audience spanning from computer science (neural networks, computer vision, human factors) to psychology (vision, psychophysics) and brain sciences (computational neuroscience, neuroengineering).