Yuke Wang

Congratulations to fourth-year Ph.D. candidate Yuke Wang, selected as one of the 10 recipients (globally) of the prestigious NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship 2022-2023. NVIDIA is the inventor of the Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and the world's leading company in computer graphics, scientific computing, and artificial intelligence. Yuke Wang works with Professor Yufei Ding at the CS department of UCSB.

The major research focus of Yuke is to exploit the inefficiency of the existing deep-learning (DL) applications (e.g., deep neural networks (DNNs) and graph neural networks (GNNs)) and improve their performance on GPUs through an array of technical innovations. Yuke's prior and ongoing projects cover diverse aspects, including optimizing DL algorithms to eliminate redundant computations, designing highly efficient GPU kernels to maximize hardware utilization, and parameterizing system designs to improve design adaptability and portability. Yuke's final research goal is to facilitate the design and implementation of the next-generation high-performance and energy-efficient DL systems for a diverse range of real-world applications that demand powerful computation support (e.g., autonomous driving, AR/VR).