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What you need to know for the week of September 7 - September 14: 

The first period for submitting staff and academic new hire data ends today (9/7) at 5:00 PM. Departmental administrative staff should submit new hires via the Google Form process. The next period opens on 9/8 at 8:00 AM. 
Initial DDODS burst for monthly employees was made available on September 6. 
The conversion process for monthly employee data was completed and data conversion validation began on September 6. 
Pre-go-live instructor-led training has concluded. Departmental administrative staff will receive a notification next week with their status and next steps if they did not satisfy their training requirements. Contact Virginia Fenske ( with questions or concerns.
Employees hired between 8/30 and 9/19 will not be granted a UCSBNetID until 9/20. This means they will not have access to systems that use UCSBNetID to login such as Connect Gmail, Box, and Kronos. See this memo for more information. 

System Outages for 9/7 - 9/14: 

Wednesday, September 12 - Monday, September 24

The Timekeeping manager assignment application (TMAA) will be down for 12 days. See the Timekeeping section of the Go-Live Communications. 

Key Milestones for 9/7 - 9/14: 

Sunday, September 2 - Wednesday, September 12

PPS Monthly Employee Freeze: Department administrative staff can update biweekly employees ONLY in PPS. They should NOT make any updates to monthly employees after August 31. Monthly employee updates made will appear to have worked in PPS but will not take effect since the "snapshot" of data was already taken on August 31 at 12:01 AM.

Sunday, September 2 - Sunday, September 9

Employee data for monthly employees is converted into UCPath-ready format and validated for accuracy. During conversion, payroll and personnel transactions for monthly employees must be withheld since the system will be unavailable for transactions.

Thursday, September 6 - Thursday, September 13

Central offices will review monthly converted data.

Thursday, September 13

Monthly payroll managers must sign off on all monthly timecards and monthly positive pay no later than 5PM.  See the Timekeeping section of the Go-Live Communications. 
This is the last biweekly payroll run in PPS.

Thursday, September 13 7:00 PM - Wednesday, September 26 5:00 PM

PPS will be available as "view-only" for all employees. Learn more.

Friday, September 14

Biweekly "Snapshot" of PPS data will be taken at 12:01 AM. Departmental Administrative staff should NOT make any updates to any employees in PPS after September 14.

Friday, September 14 - Tuesday, September 18

Data for biweekly employees will be converted.
Departments continue to submit critical hire transactions to central offices to process using the Google Form process. Departments continue to contact the Payroll Office concerning employee separations using the Separation Payment Form.

Where to go with questions:

UCSB Benefits (Human Resources)
(805) 893-4752
(805) 893-3166
UCSB Payroll
(805) 893-4145
UCSB Accounting
(805) 893-4738
UCSB Budget
(805) 893-2054
UCSB Academic Personnel
(805) 893-5429
UCSB Parking
(805) 893-8731
UCSB Graduate Division
(805) 893-4652

Inquires regarding Managed File Transfer, Security/Access, Approval Workflow Engine, and other technical services 
(805) 893-5000   

If you are not sure who to contact: 
(805) 893-5062

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