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What is UCPath? 

UCPath is a systemwide business transformation launched by the University of California to modernize its payroll, HR, and academic personnel system.

UCPath is built on the Oracle PeopleSoft platform that aligns payroll, benefits, and personnel transaction processing across all UC locations.

Employees will be supported by the UCPath Center in Riverside, California for certain payroll and benefits processes. Local HR, Academic Personnel, and Payroll offices will continue to support UCSB employees as well. 


What happens to At Your Service Online (AYSO)? 

UCPath will provide all employees with self-service online access to their own personal, job, and benefits information.

UCPath will provide features similar to the current At Your Service Online (AYSO) website [].

AYSO will continue to be available to view historical employment information after go-live.

Get Ready for UCPath Paper Paycheck Delivery: With UCPath, paper paychecks will be sent to your home address by U.S. Postal Service on payday. If you still get a paper paycheck, it will arrive at your home address after payday. Make sure your home address is current - especially if you receive a paper paycheck. Log into AYSO to update it. Direct Deposit: If you are not already enrolled, sign up before July 31st, 2018 to be automatically enrolled in direct deposit in UCPath. Your pay will be transferred to your bank account on payday. Contact your supervisor to sign up for direct deposit. If you are already enrolled, no action is necessary. Two W-2s for 2018: You will get two W-2s: one from AYSO for your 2018 earnings prior to UCPath go-live and another from UCPath for the rest of the year. Elect to receive electronic W2s. Sign up in AYSO by July 31st, 2018 to be automatically signed up in UCPath. Golden1 Credit Union Deductions: Golden1 credit union deductions (e.g., car payments, mortgage payments) from AYSO do not get converted into UCPath. This applies to those with deductions through Golden1, not those that have Golden1 as their single direct deposit selection. Make arrangements for these payments for the month of October 2018 to avoid any late payments. Reestablish your credit union deduction as a direct deposit in UCPath after go-live.  Academic Employees - following are important reminders and information regarding this implementation:

During the month of September, the campus will have limited access to the payroll system, AYSO, and some campus systems. Academic Personnel, Human Resources, and Payroll are working diligently to create processes for handling fall student hiring and other critical activity during September. Beginning August 30, 2018 AYSO will support read-only access. The UCPath portal will be available for employees to make updates to their personal information beginning on September 27, 2018. Other campus systems that are dependent on information from the payroll system may be impacted for various periods of time. Information about these impacts is being disseminated through various channels and will also be available on the UCPath web site at The campus is actively working to minimize the down time.

UCPath means new points of contact for some academic support services on campus. Beginning in September the Academic Personnel office will administer Postdoc benefits and Academic Leaves. In addition, the Academic Personnel Office will continue to provide all services currently offered.

Your paycheck and pay notices will look different and your net pay may be slightly different. The UCPath system uses industry-standard, automated calculations for deductions and withholdings, making them consistent across all UC locations. Because of this, your beforeand after-tax deductions may be shown in a new order, be named differently, or vary by a few cents. If you have both an on-scale and off-scale component to your pay, they will be listed individually on your paystub rather than combined into a single salary rate as they are now.

Beginning September 27, you will have increased self-service capability via UCPath online. UCPath online will provide direct, web-based access to view and update your personal information, such as home and mailing address, direct deposits and benefits enrollment. Once the campus is on UCPath, some transactions will take longer than in the past and some actions, particularly new hires, will need to be handled more proactively. Plan ahead and communicate with your departmental staff as far in advance as possible. Please be patient with your departmental staff as they work through this transition. You will be issued a new employee ID number. This will not impact your UCSBNetID or your access card.

Have Questions? 

If you experience paycheck or other problems during the transition period, always start with your department Business Officer/MSO. If they are not able to resolve the issue, you or your department should contact the following:

Significant problems with paychecks: Academic Personnel x4441 General questions about paychecks: UCPath Center via Employee Self-Service

Other UCPath related question may be submitted via email to or to the Academic Personnel office

Emeriti - following are important reminders and information regarding this implementation:


UCPath does not impact retirement benefits or services. You should continue to contact RASC with question or concerns related to your retirement. You will continue to maintain all rights and privileges associated with your emeriti status. Your UCSBNetID and password will not change. Employee IDs will change. If you use your employee ID for any purpose, be sure to check with your department after go-live to confirm your new employee ID. If you are on a recall appointment receiving pay from the University, additional changes will impact you. You can review the information and emails for academic employees on the UCPath at UCSB website at

HAVE QUESTIONS? Email, contact the Academic Personnel office or your departmental Business Officer/MSO