Computer science expert Rich Wolski said in an interview that aired Wednesday on Hill.TV's "Boundless" that smart farming and 5G technology will make it easier for farmers to bring food to consumers. 

"Smart farming is the notion that consumer-grade electronics and analytics can be used to optimize food production, to make food more secure for people who don't have necessarily access to it," Wolski, a professor at the University [California, Santa Barbara] told Hill.TV. 

"It really is a way to use digital technologies to optimize what we do on the farm today to produce food by being able to understand what happened to a piece of food from the time it was picked until the time it was consumed," he continued. 

Wolski went onto say that smart farming with 5G technology will be able to give farmers proper analytics to feed more people in places where food is not always readily available. 

"There are places called food deserts where people don't have access to fresh food. Curiously, these food deserts are often located in places where fresh food is grown, and part of the problem is we have really studied in a detailed way how far a piece of fruit has to go before it can be consumed," he said. 

"Boundless" is a Hill.TV documentary series focused on technological advancements. 

— Julia Manchester