Liangming Pan

UCSB Natural Language Processing postdoc Liangming Pan has won the Area Chair’s Award at the International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing & Asian Pacific Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics.

Pan’s paper, Attacking Open-domain Question Answering by Injecting Misinformation, presents a critical investigation into the growing challenge of misinformation in contemporary information ecosystems, underscoring the pressing need to develop systems capable of detecting and mitigating misinformation.

Pan researched and wrote the paper remotely from his apartment in Goleta at the height of the pandemic while he was a visiting Ph.D. student supervised by Prof. William Wang. Although the paper was rejected multiple times, the rise of ChatGPT has highlighted the importance of accurate question answering under misinformation and contradictory context, ultimately resulting in this exciting Best Paper Award.

Attacking Open-domain Question Answering by Injecting Misinformation