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Hatem A. Mahmoud, Alexander Pucher, Faisal Nawab, Divyakant Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi
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Web service providers have been using NoSQL datastores to provide scalability and availability for globally distributed data at the cost of sacrificing transactional guarantees. Recently, major web service providers like Google have moved towards building storage systems that provide ACID transactional guarantees for globally distributed data. For example, the newly published system, Spanner, uses Two-Phase Commit and Two-Phase Locking to provide atomicity and isolation for globally distributed data, running on top of Paxos to provide fault-tolerant log replication. We show in this paper that it is possible to provide the same ACID transactional guarantees for multi-datacenter databases with fewer cross-datacenter communication trips, compared to replicated logging, by using a more efficient architecutre. Instead of replicating the transactional log, we replicate the commit operation itself, by running Two-Phase Commit multiple times in different datacenters,and use Paxos to reach consensus among datacenters as to whether the transaction should commit. Doing so not only replaces several inter-datacenter communication trips with intra-datacenter communication trips, but also allows us to integrate atomic commitment and isolation protocols with consistent replication protocols so as to further reduce the number of cross-datacenter communication trips needed for consistent replication; for example, by eliminating the need for an election phase in Paxos.

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