• In early October, the UCSB Department of Computer Science held its 9th annual Graduate Student Workshop on Computing (GSWC) at Corwin Pavilion. The daylong workshop of student talks and invited industry speakers was fully organized by graduate students in the department, who volunteered to select speakers, put together a workshop proceedings, and organize an industry panel.

  • Meet Joseph Colicchio, an undergraduate student in Computer Science at UCSB from Anaheim, California. Find out more about Joseph as he shares his insights into our undergraduate program and life at UCSB.

  • Meet Lara Deek, a PhD student in Computer Science at UCSB from Lebanon. Find out more about Lara as she shares her insights into our graduate program and life at UCSB.

  • In his prescient novel “1984,” English author George Orwell predicted a future that bears an uncanny resemblance to current reality — except for a simple twist. Rather than Big Brother watching, today we have big brothers — plural — in the form of huge Internet companies such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, which log every keystroke.

  • This year eight teams of computer science and computer engineering undergraduates participated in the Capstone Senior Design course which pairs motivated students with industry leaders to tackle challenging problems in computer science with real world relevance.

  • Learn about Linda Petzold, one of Computer Science's most distinguished faculty members as she shares her views on various professional and personal topics.

  • Ben Zhao is a computer science professor at UCSB who made the TR35 list in 2006 and has since become a sought-after expert judge for innovator lists, hackathons and other competitions

    If it’s in the realm of social networks, Internet security and privacy, and the modeling and mining of enormous graphs, you can bet Ben Zhao is on the cusp of something big.