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Department of Computer Science

University of California, Santa Barbara


Name Title Phone E-mail Office Area of Research
Divyakant Agrawal Professor (805) 893-4385 agrawal at HFH, Rm 3117 distributed systems and distributed databases.
Kevin Almeroth Professor (805) 893-2777 almeroth at HFH, Rm 2113 computer networks and protocols, large-scale multimedia systems, performance evaluation, and distributed systems.
Elizabeth Belding Professor & Vice Chair (805) 893-3411 ebelding at HFH, Rm 2121 mobile wireless networking, network performance evaluation, advanced service support, solutions for developing and under-developed regions.
Tevfik Bultan Professor (805) 893-3735 bultan at HFH, Rm 2123 web software and services, dependability, concurrency, automated verification, static analysis, software engineering.
Peter Cappello Professor cappello at HFH, Rm 2157 JAVA/ internet-based parallel computing, multiprocessor scheduling, market-based resource allocation, self-directed learning.
Fred Chong Professor, Director of Computer Engineering chong at HFH, Rm 5163 computer architecture, novel computing technologies, quantum computing, embedded systems, sustainable computing and architectural support for system security and reliability.
Phillip Conrad Lecturer w/ SOE pconrad at HFH, Rm 1113 computer science education, web technologies, computer networks and communication, transport protocols, multimedia computing.
Wim van Dam Associate Professor vandam at HFH, Rm 2151 quantum computation, quantum algorithms, quantum communication, quantum information theory.
Ömer Egecioglu Professor (805) 893-3529 omer at HFH, Rm 2115 bijective and enumerative combinatorics, parallel algorithms, approximation algorithms, combinatorial algorithms.
Amr El Abbadi Professor amr at HFH, Rm 3115 information and data management, distributed systems, cloud computing.
Diana Franklin Lecturer w/ SOE franklin at HFH, Rm 1115 computer architecture, architectural support for reliability, embedded systems, undergraduate teaching methods for diverse populations.
Frederic Gibou Professor (805) 893-7152 fgibou at Eng II, Rm 2334 high resolution multiscale simulation, scientific computing, tools and software for computational science and engineering, engineering applications.
John Gilbert Professor (805) 448-6438 gilbert at HFH, Rm 5109 combinatorial scientific computing, high-performance graph algorithms, tools and software for computational science and engineering, numerical linear algebra.
Teofilo Gonzalez Professor (805) 893-3849 teo at HFH, Room 2119 approximation algorithms, parallel computing multicasting, scheduling theory, placement and routing, computational geometry, analysis of algorithms.
Ben Hardekopf Assistant Professor (805) 893-2042 benh at HFH, Room 1109 programming languages: design, analysis and implementation.
Tobias Höllerer Professor holl at HFH, Room 2155 human computer interaction; augmented reality; virtual reality; visualization; computer graphics; 3D displays and interaction; wearable and ubiquitous computing.
Richard A. Kemmerer Professor, Holder of Leadership Endowed Chair (805) 893-4232 kemm at HFH, Room 2165 specification and verification of systems, computer system security and reliability, programming and specification language design, software engineering.
Chandra Krintz Professor ckrintz at HFH, Rm 2153 Programming language implementations, dynamic and adaptive program analysis and optimization, mobile and distributed programming systems, cloud computing platforms (AppScale).
Christopher Kruegel Professor chris at HFH, Room 1117 computer security, program analysis, operating systems, network security, malicious code analysis and detection.
Huijia (Rachel) Lin Assistant Professor rachel.lin at HFH 1153 Cryptography, its interplay with Complexity Theory and Security
Linda Petzold Professor (805) 893-5362 petzold at HFH, Rm 5107 modeling, simulation and analysis of multiscale systems in systems biology and engineering.
Tim Sherwood Professor (805) 893-7426 sherwood at HFH, Rm 1119 computer architecture, secure processors, embedded systems, program analysis and characterization
Ambuj K. Singh Professor (805) 893-3236 ambuj at HFH, Room 3119 network science, cheminformatics & bioinformatics, graph querying and mining, databases.
Jianwen Su Professor su at HFH, Rm 2161 database systems, Web services, workflow management and BPM.
Subhash Suri Professor & Chair (805) 893-8856 suri at HFH, Rm 2111 algorithms, networked sensing, data streams, computational geometry, game theory.
Stefano Tessaro Assistant Professor tessaro at HFH 1117 theoretical and applied topics in crytography
Matthew Turk Professor (805) 893-4236 mturk at HFH, Rm 2163 computer vision, human computer interaction, perceptual computing, artificial intelligence.
Giovanni Vigna Professor (805) 893-7565 vigna at HFH, Rm 2159 computer and network security, intrusion detection, vulnerability, analysis and security testing, web security, malware detection.
Yuan-Fang Wang Professor (805) 893-3866 yfwang at HFH, Rm 3113 computer vision, computer graphics, artificial intelligence.
Richard Wolski Professor (805) 893-3319 rich at HFH, Rm 5165 cloud computing, high-performance distributed computing, computational grids, and computational economies for resource allocation and scheduling.
Xifeng Yan Associate Professor xyan at HFH, Rm 1111 data mining, data management, machine learning, bioinformatics, information networks.
Tao Yang Professor tyang at HFH, Rm 5113 parallel and distributed systems, Internet search, and high performance computing.
Ben Y. Zhao Associate Professor ravenben at HFH, Rm 1123 online social networks, data-intensive computing, cloud computing, dynamic spectrum networks, anonymity and privacy, distributed systems.
Heather Zheng Professor htzheng at HFH, Rm 1121 wireless/mobile/ad hoc networking, cognitive radio and dynamic spectrum networks, multimedia communications, security, game theory, algorithms, network simulation and modeling.


Name Title E-mail Area of Research
Alan Konheim Professor Emeritus konheim at computer communications, computer systems, modeling and analysis, cryptography
Marvin Marcus Professor Emeritus rmarcussb at linear and multilinear algebra, scientific computation, linear numerical analysis
Terrence Smith Professor Emeritus smithtr at computational models of fluvial phemonena
Oscar H. Ibarra Professor Emeritus ibarra at design and analysis of algorithms, theory of computation, computational complexity, parallel computing.


Name Title E-mail Address Phone Number Office Area of Research
Theodore Kim Assistant Professor kim at (805) 893-3086 Media Arts and Technology Program,
Elings Hall, Room 2201
computer graphics, simulation and animation, scientific computing, fluid dynamics, reduced order methods
B.S. Manjunath Professor manj at (805) 893-7112 Electrical & Computer Engineering
HFH, Room 3157
image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, neural networks, learning algorithms, content based seach in multimedia databases
P. Michael Melliar-Smith Professor pmms at (805) 893-8438 Electrical & Computer Engineering
HFH, Room 5161
distributed systems, communication networks and protocols, asynchronous systems
Martin Raubal Associate Professor raubal at (805) 893-4839 Department of Geography
EH 5713
Cognitive Engineering for Geospatial Services, Cognitive semantic interoperability, Location Based Decision Services, Spatial cognition and wayfinding, Time geography, Agents and Artificial Intelligence
Kenneth Rose Professor rose at (805) 893-7024 Electrical & Computer Engineering
HFH, Room 3153
information theory, source and channel coding, image coding, communications, pattern recognition
Klaus E. Schauser Associate Professor schauser at (805) 893-3926 HFH, Room 2163 parallel computing, parallel programming languages, compilers, computer architecture
Pradeep Sen Associate Professor psen at (805) 893-4265 Electrical & Computer Engineering
HFH 5117
Computer graphics, rendering, computational imaging, computer vision


Name Title Phone E-mail Office
C. Michael Costanzo Lecturer mikec at Phelps, Rm 1409B
Janet Kayfetz Lecturer kayfetz at Phelps Hall, Room 1409D
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