Abhabongse “Plane” Janthong

Name in Native Script อาภาพงศ์ จันทร์ทอง
Pronunciation /āːpʰāːpʰōŋ pʰlēːn tɕāntʰɔ̄ːŋ/ Help with IPA
For the first name, use ‘p’ sound instead of ‘b’, and the ‘–se’ ending is silent. Superscripted letters ‘h’ indicate that the preceding letters are aspirated.

I'm a master student in Computer Science at University of California, Santa Barbara.
I went to Brown University for an undergraduate degree in Computer Science.
Here is my website at Brown.

M.S. Project

I did my M.S. project with Prof. Tevfik Bultan on Safety Checking for Domain Relational Calculus Queries Using Alloy Analyzer.
See report (780 KiB) or presentation (2.61 MiB).

Teaching Assistantship

I have been a TA for the following courses (website may be gone or outdated):

Spring 2017
CMPSC 138 – Automata and Formal Languages  by Prof. Wim van Dam
Winter 2017
CMPSC 130B – Data Structures and Algorithms  by Prof. Subhash Suri
Fall 2016
CMPSC 40 – Foundations of Computer Science  by Prof. Çetin Kaya Koç
Spring 2016
CMPSC 16 – Problem Solving with Computers I  by Prof. Tevfik Bultan
Winter 2016
CMPSC 178 – Introduction to Cryptography  by Prof. Rachel Lin
Fall 2015
CMPSC 40 – Foundations of Computer Science  by Prof. Rachel Lin


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