Tech Reports

Report ID Title Report authors Report date
2010-21 Collection of timeseries of appetite-related sensations using a handheld computer: a case study S. Lampoudi, A. Apostolou, T. Karagiozoglou-Lampoudi October, 2010
2010-20 Profile Based Sub-Image Search in Image Databases Vishwakarma Singh and Ambuj K. Singh October, 2010
2010-19 SIMP: Accurate and Efficient Near Neighbor Search in High Dimensional Spaces Vishwakarma Singh and Ambuj K. Singh November, 2011
2010-18 The Combinatorial BLAS: Design, Implementation, and Applications Aydın Buluç and John R. Gilbert October, 2010
2010-17 Scalable Nearest Neighbors with Guarantees in Large and Composite Networks Petko Bogdanov and Ambuj K. Singh October, 2010
2010-16 Language Support for Highly Resource-Constrained Microcontroller Applications Amichi Amar and Chandra Krintz October, 2010
2010-15 Concurrent Collection as an Operating System Service for Cross-Runtime Cross-Language Memory Management Michal Wegiel and Chandra Krintz September, 2010
2010-14 Understanding the Potential of Interpreter-based Optimizations for Python Nagy Mostafa, Chandra Krintz,Calin Cascaval, David Edelsohn, Priya Nagpurkar, Peng Wu August, 2010
2010-13 HengHa: Data Harvesting Detection on Hidden Databases Shiyuan Wang, Divyakant Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi August, 2010
2010-12 TranslatAR: A Mobile Augmented Reality Translator on the Nokia N900 Victor Fragoso, Steffen Gauglitz, Shane Zamora, Jim Kleban, Matthew Turk July, 2010
2010-11 Cross-Language, Type-Safe, and Transparent Object Sharing For Co-Located Managed Runtimes Michal Wegiel and Chandra Krintz June, 2010
2010-10 Highly Parallel Sparse Matrix-Matrix Multiplication Aydın Buluç and John R. Gilbert June, 2010
2010-09 Live Database Migration for Elasticity in a Multitenant Database for Cloud Platforms Sudipto Das, Shoji Nishimura, Divyakant Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi June, 2010
2010-08 Silverline: Toward Data Confidentiality in Third-party Clouds Krishna P. N. Puttaswamy, Christopher Kruegel, and Ben Y. Zhao April, 2010
2010-07 Active Cloud DB: A Database-Agnostic HTTP API to Key-Value Datastores Chris Bunch, Jonathon Kupferman, Chandra Krintz April, 2010
2010-06 Dataset and Evaluation of Interest Point Detectors for Visual Tracking Steffen Gauglitz, Tobias Höllerer, Matthew Turk April, 2010
2010-05 Who’s Driving this Cloud? Towards Efficient Migration for Elastic and Autonomic Multitenant Databases Aaron Elmore, Sudipto Das, Divyakant Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi April, 2010
2010-04 ElasTraS: An Elastic, Scalable, and Self Managing Transactional Database for the Cloud Sudipto Das, Shashank Agarwal, Divyakant Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi March, 2010
2010-03 Key-Value Datastores Comparison in AppScale Chris Bunch, Navraj Chohan, Chandra Krintz, Jovan Chohan, Jonathan Kupferman, Puneet Lakhina, Yiming Li, Yoshihide Nomura February, 2010
2010-02 Limiting the Spread of Misinformation in Social Networks Ceren Budak, Divyakant Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi February, 2010