Tech Reports

Report ID Title Report authors Report date
2014-03 Efficient and Accurate Clustering for Large-Scale Genetic Mapping Veronika Strnadova, Aydin Buluc, Jarrod Chapman, John R. Gilbert, Joseph Gonzalez, Stefanie Jegelka, Daniel Rokhsar, Leonid Oliker May, 2014
2014-02 Automatic and Portable Cloud Deployment for Scientific Simulations Chris Horuk, Geoffrey Douglas, Anand Gupta, Chandra Krintz, Ben Bales,Giovanni Bellesia, Brian Drawert, Rich Wolski, Linda Petzold, and AndreasHellander March, 2014
2014-01 Spatial Stochastic Simulation of Biochemical Systems Brian Drawert March, 2013
2013-08 Towards Automatically Estimating Porting Effort Between Web Service APIs Hiranya Jayathilaka, Chandra Krintz, Rich Wolski October, 2013
2013-07 Rippler: Delay Injection for Service Dependency Detection Ali Zand, Giovanni Vigna, Richard Kemmerer, and Christopher Kruegel September, 2013
2013-06 Developing Systems for API Governance Chandra Krintz, Hiranya Jayathilaka, Stratos Dimopoulos, Alexander Pucher, Rich Wolski, and Tevfik Bultan October, 2013
2013-05 Using Parametric Models to Represent Private Cloud Workloads Rich Wolski and John Brevik July, 2013
2013-04 Matrix Reduction Techniques for Ordinary Differential Equations in Chemical Systems Varad Deshmukh June, 2013
2013-03 Low-Latency Multi-Datacenter Databases using Replicated Commits Hatem A. Mahmoud, Alexander Pucher, Faisal Nawab, Divyakant Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi February, 2013
2013-02 Automated Configuration and Deployment of Applications in Heterogeneous Cloud Environments Chris Bunch January, 2013
2013-01 Data and Application Management in an Open Cloud Platform Navraj Chohan January, 2013
2012-11 MEDEA: A Pluggable Middleware System for Portable Program Execution Chris Bunch, Brian Drawert, Navraj Chohan, Andres Riofrio, Chandra Krintz, and Linda Petzold November, 2012
2012-10 Reserved for Professor Ben Hardekopfs Lab Kyle Dewey November, 2012
2012-09 GeoWatch: Online detection of Geo-Correlated Information Trends in Social Networks Ceren Budak, Theodore Georgiou, Divyakant Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi November, 2012
2012-08 Inferring the Underlying Structure of Information Cascades Bo Zong, Yinghui Wu, Ambuj K. Singh and Xifeng Yan October, 2012
2012-07 A Mission-Centric Visualization Tool for Cybersecurity Situation Awareness Nichole Stockman, Kyriakos G. Vamvoudakis, Laura Devendorf, Tobias Höllerer, Richard Kemmerer, João P. Hespanha August, 2012
2012-06 Towards Enabling Better Understanding and Performance for Managed Languages Nagy Mostafa July, 2012
2012-05 The Path to Virtual Machine Images as First Class Provenance Sotiria Lampoudi June, 2012
2012-04 Serializability, not Serial: Concurrency Control and Availability in Multi-Datacenter Datastores Stacy Patterson, Aaron J. Elmore, Faisal Nawab, Divyakant Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi June, 2012
2012-03 The Remote Compilation Framework Nagy Mostafa, Madhukar Kedlaya, Youngjoon Choi, Ben Hardekopf, and Chandra Krintz May, 2012