Tech Reports

Report IDsort descending Title Report authors Report date
1994-14 What Price Replication? M. L. Liu, D. Agrawal, and A. El Abbadi July, 1994
1994-16 Commutativity Analysis: A New Technique for AutomaticallyParallelizing Serial Programs Martin C. Rinard and Pedro Diniz September, 1994
1994-20 Message Dispatch on Modern Computer Architectures Karel Driesen, Urs Hï½lzle, Jan Vitek November, 1994
1994-21 Do object-oriented languages need special hardware support? Urs Hï½lzle, David Ungar November, 1994
1994-23 Static Global Scheduling for Optimal Computer Vision and ImageProcessing Operations on Distributed-Memory Multiprocessor Cheolwhan Lee, Yuan-Fang Wang, and Tao Yang December, 1994
1994-25 Active Messages Implementations for the Meiko CS-2 Klaus E. Schauser and Chris J. Scheiman December, 1994
1995-01 Separation Constraint Partitioning - A New Algorithm forPartitioning Non-strict Programs into Sequential Threads Klaus E. Schauser, David E. Culler, and Seth C. Goldstein January, 1995
1995-02 Finitely Representable Databases Stephane Grumbach and Jianwen Su February, 1995
1995-03 Linear Constraint Databases Stephane Grumbach, Jianwen Su, and Cristophe Tollu February, 1995
1995-04 Type Feedback vs. Concrete Type Inference: A Comparison ofOptimization Techniques for Object-Oriented Languages Ole Agesen and Urs Hï½lzle March, 1995
1995-05 Minimizing Row Displacement Dispatch Tables Karel Driesen and Urs Hï½lzle July, 1995
1995-06 Building Fundamentally Extensible Application-Specific OperatingSystems in SPACE Dave Probert and John Bruno March, 1995
1995-08 How Much Non-strictness do Lenient Programs Require? Klaus E. Schauser and Seth C. Goldstein April, 1995
1995-09 LogGP: Incorporating Long Messages into the LogP Model - One stepcloser towards a realistic model for parallel computation Albert Alexandrov, Mihai F. Ionescu, Klaus E. Schauser, andChris Scheiman April, 1995
1995-10 Givens and Householder Reductions for Linear Least Squares on aCluster of Workstations Omer Egecioglu and Ashok Srinivasan April, 1995
1995-11 Exploiting Commuting Operations in Parallelizing Serial Programs Pedro Diniz and Martin Rinard January, 1995
1995-12 Billiard Quorums on the Grid Divyakant Agrawal, Omer Egecioglu, and Amr El Abbadi April, 1995
1995-13 Automatically Parallelizing Serial Programs Using CommutativityAnalysis Martin Rinard and Pedro Diniz July, 1995
1995-15 Generating Oracles From Your Favorite Temporal Specifications Laura K. Dillon and Y. S. Ramakrishna August, 1995
1995-16 Heuristic Algorithms for Scheduling Iterative Task Computationson Distributed Memory Machines Tao Yang and Cong Fu August, 1995