Tech Reports

Report ID Title Report authors Report date
2019-04 Using Workload Prediction and Federation to Increase Cloud Utilization Alexander E. Pucher September, 2016
2019-03 Resource Allocation in Multi-analytics, Resource-Constrained Environments Efstratios Dimopoulos January, 2018
2019-02 Fixpoint Reuse for Incremental JavaScript Analysis Lawton Nichols, Mehmet Emre, Ben Hardekopf March, 2019
2019-01 Structural and Nominal Cross-Language Clone Detection Lawton Nichols, Mehmet Emre, and Ben Hardekopf February, 2019
2018-04 JIT Leaks: Inducing Timing Side Channels through Just-In-Time Compilation Tegan Brennan, Nicolás Rosner, and Tevfik Bultan December, 2018
2018-03 Inducing JIT-Based Side Channels for Inferring Predicates about Secrets Tegan Brennan, Nicolas Rosner, and Tevfik Bultan June, 2018
2018-02 Analyzing AWS Spot Instance Pricing Rich Wolski, Gareth George, Chandra Krintz, and John Brevik August, 2018
2018-01 CSPOT: A Serverless Platform of Things Rich Wolski and Chandra Krintz March, 2018
2017-04 Real-time Object Recognition on the Microsoft Hololens Adam Ibrahim, John B. Lanier, Brandon Huynh, John O'Donovan, Tobias Höllerer July, 2017
2017-03 Tracking Causal Order in AWS Lambda Applications Wei-Tsung Lin, Chandra Krintz, Rich Wolski, Michael Zhang, Xiaogang Cai, Tongjun Li, and Weijin Xu September, 2017
2017-02 PYTHIA: Admission Control for Multi-Framework, Deadline-Driven, Big Data Workloads Stratos Dimopoulos, Chandra Krintz, Rich Wolski January, 2017
2017-01 Towards Practical Privacy-Preserving Life Cycle Assessment Computations Cetin Sahin, Brandon Kuczenski, Omer Egecioglu, Amr El Abbadi January, 2017
2016-10 Governance of Cloud Hosted Web Applications Hiranya Jayathilaka December, 2016
2016-09 Parameterized Model Counting for String and Numeric Constraints Abdulbaki Aydin, Lucas Bang, William Eiers, Tegan Brennan, Miroslav Gavrilov, Tevfik Bultan, and Fang Yu November, 2016
2016-08 Performance Interference of Multi-tenant, Big Data Frameworks in Resource Constrained Private Clouds Stratos Dimopoulos, Chandra Krintz, Rich Wolski October, 2016
2016-07 Where's The Bear? -- Automating Wildlife Image Processing Using IoT and Edge Cloud Systems Andy Rosales Elias, Nevena Golubovic, Chandra Krintz, and Rich Wolski October, 2016
2016-06 Cloud Application Performance Monitoring Chandra Krintz, Rich Wolski, Hiranya Jayathilaka, and Wei-Tsung Lin July, 2016
2016-05 Probabilistic Guarantees of Execution Duration for Amazon Spot Instances Rich Wolski, John Brevik, Ryan Chard, and Kyle Chard July, 2016
2016-04 SmartFarm: Improving Agriculture Sustainability Using Modern Information Technology Chandra Krintz, Rich Wolski, Nevena Golubovic, Benji Lampel, Varun Kulkarni, Balaji Sethuramasamyraja, Bruce Roberts, Bo Liu May, 2016
2016-03 String Analysis for Side Channels with Segmented Oracles Lucas Bang, Abdulbaki Aydin, Quoc-Sang Phan, Corina Pasareanu, Tevfik Bultan May, 2016