Project Deuteronomy: Re-architecting a DBMS Kernel

Sunday, October 11, 2009 - 11:48pm


3:30 – 4:30
Computer Science Conference Room, Harold Frank Hall Rm. 1132

HOST: Amr El Abbadi

Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research

Title: Project Deuteronomy: Re-architecting a DBMS Kernel


The traditional architecture for a DBMS has the recovery, concurrency
control and access method code tightly bound together in a storage
engine for records. We propose a different approach, where the DBMS
kernel is factored into two layers (each of which might have multiple
heterogeneous instances). A Transactional Component (TC) works at a
logical level only: it knows about transactions and their logical
concurrency control and undo/redo recovery, but it does not know about
page layout, B-trees etc. A Data Component (DC) knows about the physical
storage structure. It supports a record oriented interface that provides
atomic operations, but it does not know about transactions. This
refactoring of the system architecture could allow easier deployment for
new platforms and easier extensions for new data types supported by new
indexing. We describe the principles necessary for this re-architected
kernel, and discuss implementation issues.


David Lomet has been a principal researcher managing the Microsoft
Research Database Group at Microsoft Research since 1995. Earlier, he
spent seven and a half years at Digital Equipment Corporation. He has
been at IBM Research in Yorktown and a Professor at Wang Institute. Dr.
Lomet spent a sabbatical at University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne working
with Brian Randell. He has a Computer Science Ph.D from the University
of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Lomet has done research and product development in architecture,
programming languages, and distributed systems. His primary interest is
database systems, focusing on access methods, concurrency control, and
recovery. He is one of the inventors of the transaction concept and is
an author of over 90 papers and 40 patents. Two papers won SIGMOD “best
paper” awards.

Dr. Lomet has served on program committees, including SIGMOD, PODS,
VLDB, and ICDE. He was ICDE’2000 PC co-chair and VLDB 2006 PC core
chair. He is a member of the ICDE Steering Committee and VLDB Board. He
is editor-in-chief of the Data Engineering Bulletin since 1992 and past
editor of ACM TODS and the VLDB Journal. Dr. Lomet is IEEE Golden Core
Member and received IEEE Outstanding Contribution and Meritorious
Service Awards. Dr. Lomet is both ACM Fellow and IEEE Fellow.