MS Project Defense -- Nikolas Chaconas

Thursday, September 7, 2017 - 12:00pm
HFH 1132
An Evaluation of Two-Handed Gestures on the Microsoft Hololens
Tobias Hollerer (Chair), Matthew Turk

Motivated by our previous work in the Four Eyes Lab of using augmented reality to create holograms to annotate real world objects, we wanted to develop an environment for using two-handed gestures to manipulate these holographic annotations through rotation and resize gestures. The Microsoft Hololens currently only hosts one-handed gestures, which we feel are limited in their ability to interact with objects. Furthermore, dedicating two-handed gestures to rotation and scaling manipulations allows for the possibility of reserving one handed interactions to drawing annotations.


We have developed four different techniques for two-handed manipulation gestures on the Microsoft Hololens. To evaluate our techniques, we led a study with 40 users comparing our techniques to the current one-handed mode of object manipulation present on the Hololens. Each user cycled through a training and testing period on each technique. We recorded multiple performance metrics for each user on each technique, as well as their preferences. Our results show promising implications for future two-handed modes of object manipulation in augmented reality.

Everyone welcome!