Deuteronomy: Transaction Support for Cloud Data

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 - 10:41am


Friday, October 28, 2011
1:30 – 2:30 PM
Room 1132 Harold Frank Hall

HOST: Divy Agrawal

SPEAKER: David Lomet
Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research


Deuteronomy: Transaction Support for Cloud Data


The Deuteronomy system supports efficient and scalable ACID transactions
in the cloud by decomposing the storage engine into: (a) a transactional
component (TC) that manages transactions and their “logical”
concurrency control and undo/redo recovery, and (b) a data component
(DC) that knows about the access methods and supports a record-oriented
interface with atomic operations, but knows nothing about transactions.
The Deuteronomy TC can be applied to data anywhere, in the cloud, local,
etc. with a variety of deployments for both the TC and DC components. In
this talk, we first describe the architecture of our TC, and the
considerations that led to it. We next describe the contract between TC
and DC, how we changed the operation protocol to simplify it and make it
more efficient. We have implemented both TC and multiple DCs, and will
describe our TC implementation in detail. We will end a few words about
observed performance and scalability.


David Lomet is a principal researcher managing the Microsoft Research
Database Group. Earlier, he worked at Digital, IBM Research, and Wang
Institute. He has a CS Ph.D from the University of Pennsylvania. He is
author of over 100 papers (two SIGMOD “best papers”) and has 45 patents.
He has served on program committees (SIGMOD, PODS, VLDB, ICDE…), was
ICDE’2000 PC co-chair, VLDB’2006 PC core chair, and is on the ICDE
Steering Committee, the VLDB Board, is TCDE Chair and has been an editor
for TODS, VLDBJ, and JDPD. He is the Data Engineering Bulletin EIC, for
which he received the SIGMOD Contributions Award. He received IEEE
Golden Core, Outstanding, and Meritorious Service Awards and is a Fellow
of IEEE, ACM, and AAAS.