CS Capstone (CS189) “Project Pitch” Meeting & Pizza

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 - 3:35pm

What: CS Capstone (CS189) “Project Pitch” Meeting & Pizza
When: 5PM, November 5th, Thursday
Where: CS Conference Room (HFH 1132)

If you would like to build innovative software systems using
cutting-edge technologies with Santa Barbara’s top software companies,
then you should attend the CS Capstone “Project Pitch” Meeting on
November 5th at 5PM at the CS conference room (HFH 1132). CS189 is a
two quarter course sequence (CS189A/CS172 in Winter and CS189B in
Spring) where senior students from CS and CE programs work on
challenge problems provided by technology leaders from local IT
companies. CS Capstone class resulted in many outstanding projects in
previous years (see http://capstone.cs.ucsb.edu/) and these projects
have become the most important item in many students’ resumes.

During the “Project Pitch” meeting on November 5th, company
representatives will present project ideas for this year’s Capstone
class. Participating companies include: Rightscale, Citrix, Novacoast,
Green Hills Software, Procore, Sonos, RingRevenue and the Aerospace

All students who are considering to take the CS189A/CS172 in Fall
should attend this meeting. This meeting will be a great opportunity
to hear about interesting IT problems and interact with technological
leaders from local IT companies (and there will be Pizza!)

If you have questions about the CS Capstone please contact the instructors:
Tevfik Bultan (bultan@cs.ucsb.edu)
Giovanni Vigna (vigna@cs.ucsb.edu)