Array of Talks - Randy Modos & Giovanni Vigna

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 3:30pm to 5:00pm
HFH 1132
How to Start a Start Up
Randy Modos
Computer Science

Randy Modos, the president and co-founder of PayJunction, provides vision and leadership for the company as it pioneers green payment technology for businesses, helping to reduce costs and eliminate fraud. Entrepreneurship started early for Modos, who spent his after­ school hours as a child selling everything from lemonade and artwork to wooden sculptures. Modos met his co­-founders at UCSB while pursuing his B.S. in Computer Science. Together, they took an inspired idea and grew it  into a company that process over $4 billion annually. PayJunction is a leader in ethical payment processing and prioritizes long-term relationships over short term profit. Modos has been a champion of this approach throughout PayJunction's 18 years in business.

Today, PayJunction operates two offices with 100 employees in Santa Barbara, supports 3,000 sales reps across the United States, and builds and supports all of its products in house. Engineering is still at the heart of what PayJunction builds: innovative technology that streamlines businesses' payment processing and reduces the environmental toll of an entire industry

Giovanni Vigna is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of California in Santa Barbara (UCSB).

His research focuses on vulnerability analysis, web security, malware analysis, and the security of mobile platforms. Giovanni is the director of the Center for CyberSecurity at UCSB, the co-director of the Security Lab, which is part of the iSeclab group, and is the founder of the Shellphish hacker group.

Giovanni is one of the co-founders of Lastline, Inc., a company that develops innovative solutions to detect and mitigate advanced malware (APTs) and targeted threats.

Every year, he organizes the International Capture The Flag (iCTF), one of the world's largest attack-defense hacking competitions.

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