Intel AI donates $200,000 to support Natural Language Processsing Research

November 1, 2018

Intel AI has agreed to donate a new gift funding of $200,000 via its Corporate Research Council (CRC) to support our Natural Language Processing research ( at UCSB's Computer Science Department. The Intel Faculty Grants include two projects for $100K each.

  • Building NLP Tools for Healthy Online Conversations, PI: Prof. William Wang, Co-PI: Prof. Elizabeth Belding. In this project, we will study the online conversations to understand offensive language, and develop NLP tools to facilitate healthy online conversations.
  • Knowledge Guided Natural Language Generation, PI: Prof. William Wang. We will investigate how to infuse external knowledge for natural language generation problems. 

Intel AI Lab, a team of machine learning and deep learning researchers and engineers, data scientists, and neuroscientists, has been focused on state-of-the art research and development in the field of artificial intelligence. The lab was formed earlier in 2017, bringing together AI teams from Nervana Systems and from across Intel. The core areas of research range from projects with a direct impact on upcoming and future generations of Intel technologies to novel algorithm development in areas such as natural language, speech, and vision. Together with Intel's full stack and optimization expertise, the team often applies the results of research to help customers solve their business problems. Through its unique team composition, Intel AI lab is also exploring integrative approaches to AI spanning across traditional domain and task boundaries.

UCSB NLP Group studies the theoretical foundation and practical algorithms for language technologies. The group tackles challenging learning and reasoning problems under uncertainty, and pursue answers via studies of machine learning, deep learning, and interdisciplinary data science.