Academic Senate recognizes Professor Amr El Abbadi as an Outstanding Mentor

March 27, 2007

Professor Amr El Abbadi received the 2006-2007 UCSB Academic Senate
Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award. The goal of this award is to encourage
and reward excellence in mentoring graduate students on the Santa Barbara
campus. Amr has been one of the key architects of the impressive growth in
our graduate programs, both in terms of numbers and, perhaps more
importantly, in terms of quality.

Throughout his academic career at UCSB, Amr excelled in every aspect of
graduate mentorship by:

  • Leading an internationally recognized research group in Databases;
  • Recruiting very high quality graduate students for his research group;
  • Obtaining numerous extramural grants to support his students;
  • Teaching one of the most popular graduate courses in our department;
  • Supporting, encouraging and mentoring students from underrepresented groups;
  • Identifying his students’ strengths and steering their research
    accordingly to assure their progress through the degree programs in a
    timely manner;
  • Placing his students in the top institutions both in academia and
  • Mentoring his students even after graduation in order to help them
    succeed in their careers.

It is also worth mentioning some of the astounding numbers that resulted
from Amr’s highly productive mentoring activities:

  • Amr graduated 11 MS and 24 PhD students and he is currently supervising
    6 PhD students.
  • Amr supported his graduate students by serving as the PI or Co-PI of 25
    projects that were funded by various agencies and corporations including
    National Science Foundation, Department of Energy and IBM.
  • Amr co-authored more than 200 research papers with his students, that
    were published in the prestigious journals and conferences in the
    Databases area.

There will be a ceremony honoring recipients of the Academic Senate
teaching and mentorship awards on May 10, 2007 at 3:00pm in the University
Center, Santa Barbara Harbor Room.