Mohit Tiwari will join Univ. of Texas at Austin as an assistant professor

September 9, 2012

Mohit Tiwari, a 2011 Ph.D. graduate researching architectures for securing high assurance systems with Professor Tim Sherwood, will join Univ. of Texas at Austin ECE as an assistant professor in summer 2013. Currently, he is a post-doc in the EECS department at UC Berkeley, working with Professors Krste Asanovic and Dawn Song.

Mohit is interested in building secure and reliable systems. Together with Shashidhar Mysore and Professor Sherwood, he proposed using off-chip peripherals like FPGAs and high-throughput interconnects like PCIe to accelerate several security and debugging techniques. This work received the Best Paper award at PACT 2009. Working with Xun Li and Hassan Wassel from the ArchLab, he proposed the first method to verifiably account for all digital information flows in a system. Their method analyzes a complete system at the level of logic gates and bits and wires, and serves as a fundamental primitive to determine the assurance level of the actual system implementation (instead of a high level model). Gate-level information flow tracking and subsequent research on design patterns for secure hardware and software was selected as an IEEE Micro Top Pick in 2010 and an Outstanding Dissertation Award at UCSB in 2011. This line of research cut across computer architecture, design automation, and programming languages, and included extensive collaboration with Professor Hardekopf‘s PL group at UCSB and Professor Ryan Kastner‘s EDA group at UCSD. At Berkeley as a Computing Innovation Fellow, Mohit is designing a system where users can control their privacy when they use third-party applications across client and cloud devices. The system is built around two concepts — an intuitive abstraction for users to express their privacy policies, and a simple design pattern for benign developers to create privacy-preserving applications without being security experts.