What does your program have to offer that is different from other colleges? (Ex: research projects, co-op education programs, etc.)

We are different in that our faculty are very involved in undergraduate advising, providing undergraduates with research opportunities, and our curriculum is always evolving to meet the changes in the field.  Our faculty are on the cutting edge of computer science research (big data, cloud, mobile, bioinformatics, and much more) and also teach the classes you take.  Finally, we also (perhaps given the amazing environment in which we get to live/work) are also laid back, love our research and jobs, and are generally approachable and easy to talk with.   

Here are some more details: http://www.cs.ucsb.edu/about/ucsb
Our university also has many other opportunities for exploring the world (through courses and study abroad: https://eap.ucsb.edu/).