How Do I Become a Computer Science Major?

For Freshman admissions, refer to Undergraduate Admissions

New Policy on Transfer Courses (effective Spring Quarter 2018):

You are allowed to take a maximum of TWO courses outside of a UC campus to fulfill the change of major requirements. However, only ONE course from the programming sequence (CMPSC 16 and 24) may be taken elsewhere. If one programming course is transferred, one math course (Math 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B, or CMPSC 40) may be also be transferred. If both programming courses are taken at a UC campus, you may transfer credit for two math courses. Any change of major petition turned in Spring 2018, Summer 2018 or Fall 2018 is exempt to this policy. Every change of major petition turned in Winter 2019 and following must adhere to the TWO transfer course maximum.

The following are the minimum requirements for consideration. NO EXCEPTIONS ARE MADE FOR THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS.

  • A cumulative UC GPA of at least 3.0
  • Satisfactory completion of Computer Science 16 and 24 with a cumulative UC GPA of 3.2 or higher; First takes only.*
  • Satisfactory completion of Math 3A (or 2A), 3B (or 2B), 4A, 4B and Computer Science 40 with a cumulative UC GPA of 3.0 or higher; First takes only.* 

In addition, students are required to have:

Never been placed on academic probation,
Fewer than 105 total UCSB units (AP/IB or other transfer units do not count towards this total)
A study plan submitted with the petition demonstrating the CS degree can be completed without exceeding 200 units or five total years of post-secondary study, including time enrolled at other institutions.

Submit the Change of Major petition and Study Plan to the Computer Science Department during the last quarter of required classes (before you pick your classes for the next quarter). Both can be picked up from the CS Department office in 2104 Harold Frank Hall. The department will respond to petitions when the quarter is over. Any denied petitions will not be reconsidered due to the no exception policies stated above. For additional questions, contact the CS Undergraduate Advisor at 805-893-4321.