Undergraduate Program

Our computer science degree programs are based on an undergraduate curriculum that provides students with a durable foundation in the field and a comprehensive set of electives that allow for greater depth in areas of interest.

Interested students should prioritize the CS Bachelor's of Science major when they apply to UCSB.

The program provides students with hands-on experience and a depth of understanding of computer systems that prepares them for successful careers in computer science and to participate in the next-generation of technological advance.

Research, Five year BS/MS programs, EAP, Honors program, Double majors, and minors.

Student information and campus resources.

The capstone course sequence presents an opportunity to develop innovative solutions to real industry problems. You won't find answers to these problems in a textbook, on a message board, or in off-the-shelf software package, because students in this class are among the first ever to solve them. Working together with industry leaders, student teams take on the most challenging problems of the day with technological innovation, creativity, and boatloads of hard work.

The CS Department ULA program, in its current instantiation compensates ULAs with course credit in their first quarter of service, while they are undergoing training: all first time ULAs are required to take a course under the “Topics in Computer Science” (CMPSC 190J), which is a 4-unit upper division course that counts towards the B.S. C.S. degree requirements as an upper division elective. Students that have completed this course become eligible to apply for paid positions offered under the “Remedial Tutor” title. Upper division credit, and paid positions are important to attract experienced ULAs who typically have competing offers from industry and research labs

The Distinction in the Major Program is a high honor in recognition of the academic achievement of students beyond the requirements of the CS degree program. 

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