Special Programs


Double Majors and College of Letters and Science Minors

For students in the College of Engineering BS in CS degree program, completing a minor or double major offers students a cohesive supplement to their original major, reflecting well-rounded interests and courses of study. Students admitted to the BS in CS in CoE may petition to add a double major from either Letters and Science or the College of Creative Studies. Students may NOT double major in two Engineering majors. Students who entered UCSB as freshmen must complete their degrees within a total of 15 regular quarters.Students admitted to CoE CS as transfer students must complete their BS CS degree and the second major within a total of 9 regular quarters. No exception will be made to this rule.

Please note that students admitted as junior transfers to either L&S or CCS are not eligible to petition to add a CoE major as a second major, nor are they eligible to switch their major to CS.

Students may minor in any subject listed in the College of Letters & Science minor subjects. Currently there are no departments, including Computer Science, in the College of Engineering that offer a minor. For more information see the Letters and Science page.

Honors Program

The College of Engineering's (COE) Honors Program connects our top-performing students with earlier access to research and enriching experiences. More information about the program, qualifications and requirements can be found on COE's page here.

Study Abroad

The UC Education Abroad Program (EAP) offers a variety of choices for students to gain international education experiences while completing a Bachelor's program. An international experience can prepare students to better adjust to the global economy and, in particular, the global IT industry. EAP provides a rare combination of a UC quality educational experience while exploring a different culture and campus in an international setting. For more information on the available programs, see the UC EAP program. The timelines for engineering students interested in studying abroad can be seen at the College of Engineering website. 

Five Year B.S. / M.S. in Computer Science

A combined BS/MS Program in Computer Science provides an opportunity for outstanding CS undergraduates to earn both degrees in five years. Additional information about this program and the application materials are available from the Computer Science graduate or undergraduate advisor. Interested students should make their interest known to the department early in their junior year and plan to apply in the Spring quarter of that year. The application deadline for this year (to start the 5 year program in Fall) is May 15th.

Five-Year B.S. / B.A. in Creative Studies and M.S. in Computer Science

The computer science program in the College of Creative Studies bridges the gap between traditional computer science curricula and the lively, rapidly changing universe of computing at large. The College of Creative Studies, in conjunction with the Computer Science Department offers a five year BS/MS program for qualified students. Please obtain details about the program from the College of Creative Studies.

Five-Year B.S. in Computer Engineering / M.S. in Computer Science

The Computer Engineering Program incorporates the design of computer hardware and software to meet the needs for various career applications. Students are trained to work with systems ranging from small integrated circuits to worldwide communications networks, from digital watches to supercomputers, and from single-line programs to operating systems. For more information about the Computer Engineering program visit the  Computer Engineering website, and for BS/MS requirements contact the Computer Science Graduate Advisor or schedule an appointment