Apply to be a tutor

Applications for tutoring positions for Fall 2019 are now open!

Read the instructions below and apply by Monday, June 3rd at 5 pm.


Instructions for first-time tutors

First-time tutors must apply to enroll in CS190J. As a student in CS190J, you'll be part of the instructional team for one of lower division courses: INT5, CS8, CS16, CS24, CS32, CS48 or CS56 You'll also participate in a weekly seminar in which you will learn about Computer Science Education by reading research papers, discussing techniques and actually putting those into practice. Students that complete the course may use it as one of their seven major field electives. Completing the course also makes you eligible to apply for paid undergraduate tutor/mentor positions as/when those become available in future quarters. (It does not guarantee acceptance, but it does improve your chances.) Enrollment is by permission of the instructor only, and there are a limited number of slots.

To apply for 190J, complete this form:

Instructions for returning tutors

Students who are currently enrolled in the elective course CS190J (Teaching Computer Science) and/or have worked in the capacity of a paid tutor in the past are eligible to apply for the paid tutoring position for any of the lower division courses offered: INT5, CS8, CS16, CS 24, CS32, CS48, or CS56.

As a paid tutor, you will primarily assist students in their discussion sections and during open labs to answer questions, troubleshoot, and provide general assistance. You will also provide feedback on student work and participate in weekly staff meetings. You may be asked to participate in other course-specific activities.

All hours spent on tutoring-related activities will be paid, and you will be provided adequate support to help students with this course. The total commitment is 7 to 10 hours per week with the approximate breakdown of the duties as follows:

(4-5 h) Assist students in scheduled lab sections and drop-in lab hours to discover solutions to problems and modeling study strategies,
(1 h) Work through worksheets, labs, and homework exercises in preparation for labs
(1-2 h) Assist students with course concepts by attending weekly lectures

(1 h) Assist with grading under the supervision of TA or instructor
(1 h) Weekly meeting with the instructor

To apply for paid tutoring, complete this form: