Financial Support

All PhD applicants are considered for campus and departmental fellowships, including but not limited to, the Doctoral Scholar Fellowship, Chancellor's Fellowship, Regent's Special Fellowship, Graduate Opportunity Fellowship and the Eugene Cota Robles Fellowship.

Admitted PhD students are typically given guaranteed financial aid to fully support them throughout their studies, based on meeting our program requirements. PhD students may be funded by a combination of Fellowships, Research Assistantships and/or Teaching Assistantships.

Masters students may apply for TAships each quarter and may be employed as RAs upon agreement with a faculty member.

Teaching Assistants (TAs)

The department accepts applications for Teaching Assistants each quarter. The application website is available approximately one month prior to the beginning of the quarter. Priority for employment is given to first and second year Ph.D. students. All fees (fees, tuition and insurance) except for the campus fees are normally paid for Ph.D. students who are employed as TAs. The campus fees are $313.10 for the 2017-18 academic year. TAs are responsible for paying this fee on time. Fees and insurance (except for campus fees) are paid for MS students who are employed as TAs. MS students who are TAs are responsible for paying the non-resident tuition and campus fees by the fee payment deadline.

Research Assistants (RAs)

It is anticipated that Ph.D. students will transition to Research Assistantships during their second year. Students are hired by their research advisors to conduct research in the lab. All fees, tuition and insurance are paid for students employed as RAs at 35% time or greater.


There are several fellowships for which the department annually nominates students. These fellowships include the Microsoft Research Fellowship, the IBM Ph.D. fellowship and a number of centrally administered university fellowships. Students interested in being considered for these awards should talk to their research advisors about a nomination. The Graduate Division offers a number of fellowships for which students may apply after the first year at UCSB. These fellowships include research grants and a dissertation year fellowship. Information about funding opportunities can be found at Graduate Division website.