Graduate Education

Our graduate program offers a Master of Science and a PhD in Computer Science. The research interests of our students, and faculty, span a broad cross-section of computer science ranging from bioinformatics, cloud computing, computer architecture, computational science and engineering, database and information systems, foundations and algorithms, intelligent and interactive systems, networks and wireless networks, operating systems and distributed systems, programming languages, quantum computing, software engineering and security. We continue to attract top-quality students from all over the world.

PhD program overview includes overview, required courses, research, teaching assistant requirement, and exams for completion of PhD degree in Computer Science.

M.S. program overview, plan options, required courses, and research for completion of M.S. degree in Computer Science.

In addition to fulfilling the Graduate Division requirements for admission found in the UCSB General Catalog (see the chapter "Graduate Education at UCSB"), the Department of Computer Science requires a bachelor's degree in some discipline of science, engineering, or mathematics.

Computer science graduate program application requirements.

Student financial support overview including, graduate student research, teaching assistantships, and fellowships.

Student handbooks, campus resources, and student organization information.