Advisory Board

The department has formed a very distinguished advisory board, which includes Alex Aiken (Stanford), Keval Desai (InterWest Partners), David Dobkin (Princeton), Jeanne Ferrante (UCSD), Zvi Galil (Georgia Tech), Andy van Dam (Brown), and Klaus Schauser (AppFolio, Board Chair).

Alex Aiken, Stanford University
Professor Aiken is the Alcatel-Lucent Professor in Communications and Networking, and the current Tencent Chair of the Computer Science Department at Stanford. Before joining the Stanford faculty in 2003, he was a Research Staff Member at the IBM Almaden Research Center (1988-1993) and a Professor in the EECS department at UC Berkeley.  

Keval Desai, InterWest Partners 
Mr. Desai is an angel investor (digital media, consumer Internet and mobile companies) and former Director of Product Management at Google who joined InterWest's IT team in 2011. He is a member of the Dean's Advisory Board at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business, and also sits on the Board for the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley.

David Dobkin, Princeton University
Professor Dobkin served as dean of the faculty at Princeton University from 2003 to 2014. He joined the Princeton as a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 1981, became a Professor of Computer Science when the department was formed in 1985, and served as Chair of the department from 1994 to 2003. 


Zvi Galil, Georgia Institute of Technology
Professor Galil has served as Dean of Georgia Tech's College of Computing since 2010. Earlier, he was President of Tel Aviv University from 2007-2009. 

Andy van Dam, Brown University 
Professor Van Dam has been on Brown’s faculty since 1965, and was one of the department’s co-founders and its first Chairman. He served as Brown’s first Vice President for Research from 2002-2006.

Klaus Schauser, AppFolio, Inc.
Dr. Schauser is AppFolio's Chief Strategist and company co-founder. Earlier, he co-founded Expertcity, Inc. which later became Citrix Online when acquired by Citrix Systems, Inc. As a former UC Santa Barbara Professor of Computer Science, he is a widely published research scientist. Dr. Schauser is Chair of the Advisory Board.

Past Advisory Board members:

Jeanne Ferrante, University of California, San Diego 
Professor Ferrante is currently Professor of Computer Science, Associate Dean in the Jacobs School of Engineering, and Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Equity at the UC San Diego. She joined UCSD in 1994, and served as Computer Science and Engineering Department Chair from 1996-1999.

Wayne Rosing, Las Cumbre Observatory Global Telescopes (LCOGT)
Mr. Rosing is the Founder & Chief Technologist of Las Cumbre Observatory Global Telescopes, a private non-profit launched in 2005 that operates a global, robotic telescope optimized for time domain astrophysics. He also sits on the LCOGT Board.