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Ziad Matni's UCSB CS Website is (Perpetually) Under Construction!

Computer Science classes taught at UCSB (so far!):

    CS16 - FALL 2016
    CS64 - WINTER 2017
    CS16 -SPRING 2017
    CS8 -SPRING 2017
    CS16 -FALL 2017
    CS8 - WINTER 2018
    CS64 - WINTER 2018
    CS16 - SPRING 2018
    CS64 - SPRING 2018
    CS64 - FALL 2018
    Some of these links may be shut down. Feel free to contact me about any particular information you need via email. Current quarters' links should be live.

The best way to contact me is via email:

I am a faculty member (lecturer) at both the Computer Science (CoE) and Communication (CoLS) departments.
My Erdős number is no more than 5; my Berners-Lee number is no more than 3; my Matni number is exactly zero! :)

Last updated: 3/23/2018