I am a PhD candidate in the computer science department at the University of California Santa Barbara, where I am a member of the Four Eyes Lab. My research advisor is Prof. Matthew Turk.

I design self assessment mechanisms that can reason about the correctness of a decision outcome given a noisy input, e.g., predicting the correctness of a nearest-neighbor classification outcome when matching features, computing non-uniform sampling strategies for speeding up sample-and-consensus model estimations, among others. For my dissertation I have created algorithms that use the statistical theory of extreme values to improve decision making processes in several computer vision and machine learning applications.

Research Interests

I am interested in statistical modeling and scalable computational techniques for computer vision and machine learning. My aim is to create theoretically sound, robust, and scalable computer vision and machine learning algorithms.


Jun 2014, Summer internship at Google
Jun 2014, Selected for the IEEE CVPR 2014 doctoral donsortium and awarded a travel grant

Selected Publications

gDLS: A Scalable Solution to the Generalized Pose and Scale Problem

C. Sweeney, V. Fragoso, T. Höllerer, and M. Turk

In Proc. of European Conference in Computer Vision (ECCV), Zürich, Switzerland, 2014.

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EVSAC: Accelerating Hypotheses Generation by Modeling Matching Scores with Extreme Value Theory

Victor Fragoso, Pradeep Sen, Sergio Rodriguez, and Matthew Turk.

In Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), Sydney, Australia, 2013.

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SWIGS: A Swift Guided Sampling Method

Victor Fragoso and Matthew Turk

In Proc. of IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), Portland, Oregon, USA, 2013.

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Locating Binary Features for Keypoint Recognition using Noncooperative Games

Victor Fragoso, Matthew Turk, and Joao Hespanha

In Proc. IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP). Orlando, Florida, USA, 2012.

Student Paper Award Finalist

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Automatic text detection for mobile augmented reality translation

Marc Petter, Victor Fragoso, Matthew Turk, and Charles Baur

In Proc. IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV Workshops). Barcelona, Spain, 2011.

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TranslatAR: A Mobile Augmented Reality Translator

Victor Fragoso, Steffen Gauglitz, Shane Zamora, Jim Kleban, and Matthew Turk

In Proc. IEEE Workshop on Applications in Computer Vision (WACV). Kona, Hawaii, USA, 2011.

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Mean Shift Clustering

A threaded C++11 implementation using Eigen.

Optimo: A C++ header library implementing several optimization algorithms.

A C++11 implementation of several optimization algorithms.

Code Documentation
Statx: A C++ library implementing several MLE estimators with focus on Extreme Value Distributions.

A C++11 implementation of several MLE estimators for several Extreme Value Distributions.


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