Theodore Georgiou

My name in Greek: Θοδωρής Γεωργίου (Thodoris Georgiou)

University of California, Santa Barbara

Computer Science Department (UCSB)

Photo of me at Ios island, Greece

Welcome to my personal website!

My research areas include Social Networks, Data Mining and Machine Learning.

I have a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science from University of Athens, Greece and currently pursue a doctorate degree at UCSB. For the past couple years I was working part-time as a Data Scientist at Twitter, where I helped build Twitter's new "Trending Events" feature.

I'm the recipient of SIGMOD's Undergraduate Poster Competition award (2010) and I have also been awarded as an Outstanding Teaching Assistant at UCSB, twice (2011 and 2012). I currently live with my lovely wife in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara. My hobbies include geeky stuff, traveling, coding, and authoring research papers!

Above you can see a photo from my summer vacation at Ios island (Greece, 2010). It's common for CS academics to include such photos on their web pages to show everyone that they also have a life... and to hide the fact that we spend the rest 360 days of the year doing research and writing code!

Here's also a map of all the places I have been to! I'm really looking forward to adding new tags! :-)

To create this web site I used:

  • The all-in-one w3c validator, Unicorn I <3 validator
  • A social media icon collection from
  • The GIMP image manipulation program
  • A visitor counter from
  • My expert knowledge of CSS/HTML/PHP! :-)

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