Spectral Hash


Spectral hash is a new family of hash functions using the discrete Fourier transform and a nonlinear transformation constructed via data dependent permutations. DFT is a well-known cryptographic primitive perfect for generating diffusion and confusion. Due to the usage of the DFT with a nonlinear transformation, the proposed hash generation method is immune to known attacks. Since spectral methods yield efficient and highly parallel architectures, s-hash is highly suitable for hardware realizations.

To view the paper or the full submission, go to the Materials page.


11-10-08: We have a website now!

01-15-09: The corrected code and documentation are available under "Materials" tab.

02-17-09: The inimitable CCS Spectral Hash Team: JPG  

02-20-09: Our Spectral Hash presentation is on the NIST website: PDF.