Kasturi Bhattacharjee,
Ph.D. Candidate,   
Dept. of Computer Science,
University of California Santa Barbara.
kbhattacharjee at cs dot ucsb dot edu

I am pursuing my Ph.D. in Computer Science at the gorgeous University of California Santa Barbara, advised by Prof. Linda Petzold. My research interests lie in using machine learning and data mining for social network analysis. I am very interested in modeling temporal user behavior over online social networks, especially in relation to user sentiments and opinions and how they are influenced by their network neighbors over time.

My thesis is on Opinion Dynamics in online social networks. I have been working with Twitter data to uncover the opinions of users on certain conversational topics using data mining and machine learning tools. This is not a trivial process owing to the amount of noise present in tweets in the form of acronyms, slang words, misspells, etc. What also makes Twitter data interesting is its dynamic nature. (For more details on this project, please refer to my Research.)

Moreover, I am very interested in studying the changes in opinion that users exhibit on various topics, in order to understand the underlying mechanism that exists in such processes. Thereafter, I would seek to model opinion dynamics over online social networks.

My areas of experience include Social Network Analysis, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Text mining, NLP.

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