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Freelance Work

July 2013 -

This is a site for the Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Club in Warwick, NY. It has gone through two iterations. The first was fixed width and mostly static static HTML & CSS. The second iteration, published in December 2013, uses a custom built responsive WordPress theme. Back end data is managed entirely through WordPress and plugins.

February 2014 -

This is a simple brochure site from JPL Talent, LLC, a national recruiting firm. Like the Flying Circus, this site also uses a custom WordPress theme. However, unlike the Flying Circus, it is fixed width.

May 2014 -

A brochure site for a clean energy consulting startup based out of Westport, CT. It uses an "off the shelf" WordPress theme as per request of the client.


Student Web Developer for UCSB Student Information System's & Technology - October 2013 to September 2014

For my first year at UC Santa Barbara, summer included, I worked 10 to 15 hours a week for the technology department of the Student Affairs Division, otherwise known as SIS&T. The department uses the Microsoft web development stack to serve the web development needs of the departments under their division (lested here).

For the first few weeks, I was introduced to ASP.NET, C#, Visual Studio, and MS SQL Sever. I combined these new skills with my front end experience to work on a wide variety of sites and applications for many departments. Some highlights include:

Personal Projects


Synapse is a universal iOS 8 app wrtten entirely in Swift that I published in January 2015. I'm hoping to add features to it over spring break and in my spare time over the summer. I've made a dedicated page for it.


I ported this nifty Chrome extension that came out of the SB Hacks hackathon to Safari. It's available here.

WHS Planner

WHS Planner was an app I wrote for my high school that offered a centalized place for scheduling, assgnments, attendance, grades, and other school information. I came up with the idea after spending many hours inputting my schedule and grades into another generic school planner app. I realized the data needed to present all this information in a layout as user freindly as this app was available on the student inforamtion system (SIS) application used by my school. I then programmed an app to scrape information the SIS, store it locally, and present it in a more useful manner. For example, instead of presenting just a list of your classes and when you had them, it would present which class you are currently in, the time left in that class, the assignments due in that class, and all the classes you had afterwards.

In the first 2 weeks after being published in the App Store in December 2012, it was downloaded over 400 times and reached #29 on the App Store's education category (representing approximately half the student body). Eventually some parents began to use it to keep tabs on their child's free periods, grades, and attendance as well.

Since scraping HTML is not a reliable way to interface with a web application (no REST or SOAP API was available unfortunately), the app would break after annual updates to the system. Naturally, these updates were difficlt to keep up with. The creator of the application eventually came out with their own mobile app as well (though it still doesn't come close to the utility of WHS Planner for students at my school). For these reasons, I pulled the app from the store before heading off to college.